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      About Me

      A qualified British therapist with over 20 years experience and tantric trained.  I am a mature, 50 years of age lady. I am a stylish blonde with a  curvy  figure. I provide many different types massage therapies including Swedish and sensual-touch. Tantric massage is calming and it is believed to enhance intimacy as all the body can be treated during this full body sensual massage. I remain independent and not affiliated to any agency.


      Swedish Massage in London and the South East

      Swedish massage is a well known western massage technique. It is both relaxing and invigorating; it affects the muscles, nerves and blood circulation of the body and this results in the release of physical and emotional stress.

      Five different strokes are applied in the direction of the heart and following the circulatory system. This way the blood flow is increased which enable toxins to be released from the muscles. During the session I will work an all major muscle groups of your body whilst addressing any particular issues you are worried about.

      Swedish massage can also target specific areas, mybe you had an injury or experience chronic pain this also includes  pain resulting from conditions such as arthritis.

      My Services

      I Specialise In


      Effleurage massage relaxes muscle tissue and increases the blood flow, and should be applied at the beginning and at the end of a massage sequence. It has a wonderful calming effect on the body and helps establish a climate of trust between client and therapist.

      Mind & Body

      The bodymind and spirit work as a system of energy. Massage educates or re-educates the bodymind connection via the skin. As the skin which is our largest organ, acts as an outer brain,  it filters messages to our nervous system via hundreds of receptor sites.


      Massage therapy relaxes the muscle tissue which reduces painful contractions and spasms. Massage can also reduce nerve compression. In order to understand this consider when muscles are contracted, they sometimes compress the nerves around them. … so touching the skin or applying pressure relaxes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

      Strength Building

      As the therapist massages your muscles, you will become more in tune with each area and then you are able to focus on a specific muscle. This carries over into your workout sessions. … When you are able to contract specific during strength training, your muscle tone improves much faster.

      Stress Relief

      Reduced stress is a major benefit often gained through massage as stress can be both physical and mental. It can physically occur within muscles after injury or overuse causing a buildup of tension resulting in pain increase. Also it can occur mentally due to restricted movement, injury or pain. Mental stress is caused by a hormone called cortisol which can also increase anxiety and depression.  Reduce stress through massage to help increase your relaxation, reduce pain and improve overall mood.

      Body Transform

      Transformation Massage is actually like no other massage; as it  gives you the opportunity to stop and consider where you are in your life today, where you want to be and make a change at a mental and emotional level.  It can enable you to unwind, de-stress and chill out.  A massage treatment will enable you to connect with the whole of you; mind, body and spirit .